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Lit Rebel 55's

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The Lit Rebel fin is our weapon for those who love to attack the high chop or those who want to boost to the moon. The 55mm size will assure you can hold this kite down in high winds when sending it hard, allowing you to squeak out a couple more feet to reach that new woo record. 

Our eye popping colors assure you will never lose sight of your board when its flipped over with the fins facing up. 

Material: G10

Size: 55mm

Screw Sizes: M6 + M5

(If you are unsure about what screw size your board takes, shoot us a message will the make, model and year of your board. We will do our best to let you know which size you our. The majority of boards use M6 screws)


All fins are incl. screws and washers